City of Palmerston has committed to preparing a Rating Strategy for the next ten years in consultation with the community. 

The purpose of the City of Palmerston Rating Strategy is to:

  • Determine a fair method of raising revenue from rates.
  • Ensure that the money raised through rating property owners, in conjunction with other income sources, will guarantee the long-term financial sustainability of the Council; and
  • Ensure that Council has sufficient measures in place to support community groups, pensioners and those suffering from hardship.

To implement this strategy, Council has established a volunteer-based Community Reference Group (CRG) to provide ideas, concepts and feedback to form part of the development.

Members of the CRG will be given the opportunity to:

  • Attend and participate in CRG meetings and be briefed on the preparation process.
  • Articulate interest, ideas, concerns and perspectives that will help shape the Rating Strategy.
  • Work as team members and participate in collaborative discussions.
  • Convey feedback to Council staff from members of the community; and
  • Review the draft Rating Strategy.


Successful nominees are expected to attend four facilitated evening meetings at 6pm on:

  • Thursday 20 September
  • Thursday 27 September
  • Wednesday 17 October
  • Thursday 6 December

Meetings are facilitated by an external independent agency.

Summary of workshop one held on 20 September

Summary of workshop two held on 27 September 


August 2018:  Call for nominations for the Community Reference Group. Closing date for nominations is Wednesday 5 September 2018.
September/October 2018:  CRG members will meet to provide ideas, concepts and feedback to form part of the development of a draft Rating Strategy.
November 2018: Council staff will form the Rating Strategy based on feedback from the CRG meetings. 
Early December 2018: CRG members will be presented with draft Rating Strategy based on their feedback to be endorsed for consideration by Elected Members.
February 2019: The Rating Strategy will be released for broader public consultation.
March 2019: Council will review submissions from the public consultation, amend where appropriate and adopt the Rating Strategy.

Project Stages

  • Open
    This consultation is open for contributions.
  • Closed
    This consultation is closed for contributions.