City of Palmerston is seeking community feedback on the proposal for introducing pop-up dining into Palmerston’s public spaces. 

Also called street food or mobile food vendors, pop-up dining may take different forms but usually refers to selling takeaway-style food on a regular basis from a temporary stall, booth, cart, truck or van in a public space.

Potential initial locations include: 

  • Sanctuary Lakes, Gunn 
  • Marlow Lagoon Recreation Area
  • University Lake in The Heights, Durack 
  • Goyder Square, CBD

Council wants to explore the potential benefits of promoting and encouraging pop up dining such as:

  • activate and revitalise public spaces in the CBD and parkland areas
  • encourage tourism by increasing the number of Territory locals visiting Palmerston
  • improve safety in areas that are activated by the pop-up dining enterprises through passive surveillance
  • enhance the sense of community and increase social interaction for Palmerston residents, community groups and businesses by providing unique, outdoor dining experiences
  • encourage novel and creative entrepreneurial activities such as start-up food businesses to potentially stimulate the local economy
  • build social capital pride in Palmerston

Council is undertaking community consultation to evaluate the level of community support for pop-up dining in Palmerston, seek feedback on the perceived advantages and disadvantages this initiative and identify potential suitable sites for pop-up dining.

How to have your say

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key documentation

Fact sheet
Discussion paper


The consultation is open for feedback from 19 September to 2 November 2018. 

If pop-up dining is supported by the community, Council may run a trial program at limited sites, and under recommended conditions, within Palmerston. Stakeholder feedback will be used to inform policy around pop-up dining in Palmerston. 

If pop-up dining is not widely supported, Council will consider not progressing with the project at this time.


Project Stages

  • Open
    This consultation is open for contributions.
  • Closed
    This consultation is closed for contributions.